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Release date:Q1/2017
Developer:Kite Games
Publisher:Kalypso Media Digital
Genres:Real-Time Strategy, Strategy

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Pre-Purchase OfferPre-Purchase Sudden Strike 4 now and receive the following bonuses: Exclusive skirmish map: The Battle for Kursk Relive the fight for the Kursk salient without any rules or restrictions! Lead the german army against a brutal soviet skirmish AI in one of the biggest tank battles of World War 2! The Sudden Strike 4 Soundtrack Download and enjoy the complete, orchestral Sudden Strike 4 Soundtrack - recorded by the Hungarian Studio Orchestra! The art(book) of war Download the Sudden Strike 4 digital artbook and enjoy the game’s fantastic artwork, including the work of Simon Robert, best known for his work on the hit TV series Game of Thrones!About the GameSudden Strike 4 sends you off on three extensive campaigns set amongst the battlefields of World War II.

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  1. Sudden Strike
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  2. Sudden Strike 2
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  3. Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory
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  4. Sudden Strike: The Last Stand
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